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 2003 - 2013


Archival pigment prints

Image size 10.5”x14” or 10.5”x15.75”, print size 16”x20” or 21.75”, edition 5

Image size 18”x24” or 18”x27” , print size 24”x30” or 33", edition of 5

Image size 26”x35” or 26”x39”, print size 32”x41” or 45”, edition of 3


“Memory believes before knowing remembers…”  

 William Faulkner, Light in August


Trace elements may only occur in small amounts but are essential to life.  The childhood moments depicted in Traces focus on the brief instances of exploration, growth or transition in everyday life – experiences distilled into single images that are uncovered through the viewer’s frame of reference or understanding. Observant of the innocence and wisdom of children, I endeavor to document their journeys – no matter how big or small.

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