Photographed with a shallow depth of field and often from ground level, the images preserve the sensory experience of each place as if seen through our peripheral vision.  Beginning with the Functional Ground series and over the past 15 years, I have titled my landscapes with the GPS coordinates from which each image was taken. I am drawn to the systematic nature of the GPS technology. However, the images that are anchored by the longitude and latitude are my subjective response to that specific place and point in time. The photographs reflect one of an infinite number of views from that point emphasizing the unique experience of person and place. In addition, both the number and image serve as diaristic markers of my photographic journey and reference the process of creating a photograph.


Since moving to Connecticut in 2005 I have spent much of my time driving.  An exploration of marks on roads, the Road Works series looks at the road as a palimpsest--an accumulation of traces from journeys traveled, evolving public works and nature's impact.  In the series Functional Ground, I draw the viewer’s attention to the specific details of the landscape—to a microcosm within the ecosystem of a working dairy farm and the surrounding roads and fields.  With the GPS coordinates providing a skeleton, together the images from this series create a portrait of the place. The Urban Coordinates series focuses on nature 

within an urban context and in the new work I offer a personal perspective from public spaces.  The Selections images included here are also taken in public parks—the Boston Public Garden and the Innesfree Garden in Millbrook, NY. 

N41º08.899’ W073º29.609’ 10/31/15 292 ft.    2016     (Pinwheels w House)