artist statement

Photography allows me to connect—to people, to places and to experiences. Exploring the landscape with camera in hand, I look more closely at the environment, both examining nature’s detail and its broad expanse. When composing an image, I use framing, perspective and shifts in focus to draw relationships between visual elements in the scene before me. Since 2001, I have titled my landscapes after the GPS coordinates from which each image was taken to record my point of place, an anchor for each photograph. Mapping my position facilitates the opportunity to re-find this point and to connect with others who may have come there before me or may arrive there in the future. In my current landscape project, Common Ground, I shoot in public parks—locations meaningful to me and to the local community.


I am fascinated by the relationship between the photographic image and truth. As a slice of the visible world, a photograph – a designed illusion – is momentarily perceived as truth. That moment of confusion upon looking at a photograph invites an emotional connection, and for me an enduring curiosity. This connection is true for me in my images of children from the Traces series and similarly engaging for me as I interpret landscapes. Photographing allows me to create order in response to the world around me; an order in which I aim to establish a relationship to my environment and a conversation within my images.

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